5 Easy Upgrades for Your Apartment


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Ideas to Easily Enhance Your Apartment

Now that you finally found your perfect apartment; you want to make it more like you. In this day and age, money is usually tight for most people, thus you do not want to spend too much on upgrading your apartment. However, there are cheap, easy ways to upgrade your rental without having to go completely overboard with the spending. With these easy additions, your apartment will be looking great in no time.

Upgrade #1 – Let There Be Light

Apartments sometimes have an insufficient amount of light, and if they do changes have to be made. If you can, replace the preinstalled light fixtures with something brighter, and more modern. If you can’t, then purchasing your own lamps is the way to go. Not only does the light physically light up your apartment; it also makes your apartment appear bigger and cleaner. If you want to go the extra step, some in-cabinet lighting can be added with the use of LED strips.

Upgrade #2 – Replace the Curtains

While on the topic of light, changing the stock curtains can add some flare to your apartment. You can either use the ones from home or from your past rentals, or you can go out and buy new ones. Not only are there curtains, you can also get blinds or window film as well. In addition, you can try grass or roman shades, or even tie-up curtains! Whether it’s very colorful, bland, DIY, or purchased – the possibilities are endless.

Upgrade #3 – Save Space

Most rentals don’t tend to provide too much space; so saving floor space whenever you can will brighten up your apartment. Start by removing clutter and hiding anything that the apartment came with that seems useless or unflattering to you. Also, buying dual-use furniture can help free up space; such as an ottoman in which you can store things. Using the walls by hanging shelves and organizers also work, but don’t forget to use non wall damaging command hooks!

Upgrade #4 – Go Green

Adding some plants – real or fake – can make your apartment livelier. Add some greenery to your countertops or tabletops to give your rental more life and a homier feel. If you do opt to get real plants, you won’t have to by air fresheners in the near future, as your plants will make the apartment smell nicer. However, fake plants look just as nice and you won’t need to worry about taking care of them.

Upgrade #5 – Add Some Art and Pictures

Investing in art pieces that you love is never a bad idea. Adding art to your walls will spice up your apartment while simultaneously showing off your favorite pieces. Copies or duplicates are not that expensive, making it easier to get the ones you desire. In addition to wall art, you can also use pictures or collages to put on your walls. This makes your apartment feel more like home and adds a bit of creativity to the mix.

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