How to Make the Most out of Your Apartment’s Interior

The right design makes a world of difference. This is especially true when it comes to planning your home. The right colors, styles and sizes can turn a cluttered space into a peaceful oasis. Check out these ideas to make the most of any space—no matter how small.

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Light it Right

Whether you have lots of beautiful windows or not, your home needs light. Light defines a living space and contributes greatly to the perceived size of any given area. It also provides the opportunity for some stellar design choices. Keep size, color and style in mind when shopping for lamps.

If space is a valuable commodity in your home, don’t sacrifice floor space. Ceiling lamps come in so many great and affordable styles. The best part is that they take up zero floor space!Find a pendant fixture that compliments your flair. Pendant fixtures can be found in charmingly vintage or modern models. Sconces, or wall attachments, are also a space-saver that add charisma to any room.Style does not have to come at the cost of clutter. Keep space in mind when you think of light.

Find a Singular Color Scheme

Visual continuity creates peace. Choose a color scheme and don’t hesitate to stick to it! Even-toned rooms are naturally soothing to the eye and can create the illusion that a room is more spacious than it is. Light tones look crisp and clear. White reflects a lot of light making it a popular choice among those working with smaller spaces.

Use a pop of color to excite things. Accessories that match the color scheme will transition seamlessly. Many contrasting tones are harsh on the eye and can make a space seem visually cluttered.Too many dark colors can pull down whatever natural light survives in the space.Stick to one color scheme per area.

Go for Small-Scale (or Double-Purpose) Furniture

It may seem a little obvious, but don’t buy giant furniture to fill a small space. Not every living room needs a huge sofa and a large coffee table. Trying to cram large pieces into a tiny room can make it seem small and awkward.

Instead of buying one large, rectangular coffee table, why not try two smaller round ones? This way, you avoid the knee bumps and loss of floor space. Smaller pieces get the job done and keep the space open.

If you have too much stuff to “go small” consider the functionality of all of your furniture. Everything should have a double purpose. A bed frame or end table could double as great storage. A sofa could double as a daybed. Try to give every piece of furniture another purpose.

Your Windowsill is a Bright (And Beautiful) Thing

Although your windowsill is not at the center of the room, it provides a world of possibility in terms of storage and style. Your window is the source of light and air to your oasis. Playing with the color and structure of your windowsill can support whicheverfunction and atmosphere you are trying to create.

With a basic attachment, your windowsill could double as a perch for a few pretty plants or even a pet. Finding sunlight in a tight space can be tricky. Your small pet may appreciate the pad. Cute arrangements of small potted plants also work wonders at bringing a little nature to the inside.

If your pet or plants don’t need a spot as much as you do, extend your windowsill to create a lovely workspace with great lighting. If extra storage is needed, use the space below your window for leveled shelves and stack whatever you want. If your window is in the kitchen, adding a piece of cut countertop can transform your window into a breakfast bar or work station.

Adding color to your windowsill could also be the unexpected way you liven up your space. Those concerned about exaggerating the smallness of a room with lots of color might choose only to paint the inside of their windowsill for a pop of color in an otherwise all-white room.

Lerner Arrowood Parc

Styling your apartment or town-home doesn’t have to be a pain. Keeping things light and simple can go a long way in expanding a small space. Don’t sacrifice design for scale. Instead, rethink color and size to optimize your home’s design.

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