Four Spots to Get Some R & R in Vienna, VA

Less than 20 miles from the bustling town of Washington DC, is the community of Vienna, VA. For travelers looking for a nice place to rest, you’ll be happy to know that Vienna is just a short hop, skip, and jump away from the Washington Dulles International Airport. Since there isn’t a wealth of tourist attractions based in Vienna, the chances for quality R & R are practically guaranteed. Here are 4 unique spots to rest and relax in Vienna, VA.

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1. Watch the Breathtaking Waterfalls

Great Falls is a popular spot for rest and relaxation in Vienna, VA mainly due to the peacefulness that comes from observing the motion and sounds produced by the water. Here you will find three beautiful waterfall views that are easily accessible from three different overlooks located within walking distance from the Visitor Center of Great Falls Park. Although swimming and wading in the Potomac River are strictly prohibited for safety reasons, visitors are certainly allowed to stroll and hike alongside the waterways. Even better, overlooks numbers two and three are handicap and stroller accessible – so everyone can see.

From a mental and emotional health standpoint, the visit to Great Falls is entirely worth the trip. Their waterfalls have such powerful, aesthetic qualities to them that they simply make people happier. It’s very gratifying to make your way up to the overlooks to take it all in. According to other visitors, the incredible natural features of these waterfalls have been known to dramatically improve their moods. It’s like a rush of serotonin to the brain. You will love breathing in all the clean air.

2. Explore the George Washington Parkway

Great Falls is just one place to visit along George Washington Memorial parkway. There are many other areas on the water that offer quality R & R time mainly because the Potomac River makes you feel calmer just by taking in the views. The George Washington Memorial Parkway was built in the 1930’s near Washington DC as a “parkand playground” intended to protect a diverse range of sites on behalf of Congress. During its construction, the parkway was carefully designed so all of its protected sites could be viewed during a scenic car ride.

To get the full effect of the parkway, you should drive along its panoramic road and discover the historic homes, carousels, nature made landmarks, and more. Information, brochures, maps, and National Park Passport stamps are available at Great Falls. There is no visitor information on the parkway itself.

3. Explore the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Meadowlark is an excellent place for quality R & R time. Tucked away on an old farm in Vienna, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens offers an oasis of peaceful gardens to explore. There’s nearly 100 acres of ornamental display gardens at Meadowlark with miles of available walking trails. Picture the perfect option for an enchanted wedding. That’s the magical look and feel of the flowers and plants cultivated within this magnificent gem.  If you go there often, you can catch the beautiful flowers and plants blossom and unfold. Explore new garden displays with every changing season. There are also astonishing lake views. Meadowlark offers lovely meditative gardens and walks that provide much needed respite from the on call pressures ofbusy life.

4. Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

Many visitors find it very relaxing to watch the innovative performance art and multimedia presentations at Wolf Trap. The creative expressions are extremely stimulating to their minds and souls. Sometimes it’s nice to watch something other than your television set because nowadays the connectedness of mass media can mentally burn you out. At Wolf Trap, there are all types of wonderful performances. A typical season ranges in everything from country, to folk and blues, to pop, orchestra, dance, theater oreven opera. The movements and vocals of these performances are an entirely peaceful experience. The main reason why it’s such a serene experience is their performers. The talent seen at are Wolf Trap is amazing because they make their art seem effortless. There is also a summer home to the Wolf Trap Opera Company that’s worth noting if you’re looking for more R & R options. It’s called The Barns. This place also presents a diverse line-up, but in a casual, more intimate atmosphere.

Noshing on chocolate, back massages, or yoga are the typical ways to make R & R time. Lerner ArrowoodParc hopes we gave you something different. If you embrace uniqueness, call703.246.1868to hear about our amazing apartment homes.

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