How to Spend a Rainy Day in Arrowood Parc

While living in Lerner Arrowood Parc in Vienna, VA,there are plenty of activities you can do outside on a beautiful, sunny day. However, when the weather is less than perfect, what can you do inside to avoid the rain? We have the answer! Here’s how to spend a fun, rainy day in Lerner Arrowood Parc and around the Vienna area.

Fitness Center

Enjoy a brisk workout in the fitness center. When you are a resident of Lerner Arrowood Parc, you are able to take advantage of thecenter’s long hours,high tech fitness equipment and beautiful outdoor scenery during your cardio-blasting workout.


Oak Marr Recreational Center

With multiple events happening throughout the week, Oak Marr Recreational Center offers the whole family something to do. With fun indoor activities, you won’t even miss being outside for the day.

Wolf Trap National Park

Watch the show of a lifetime at Wolf Trap National Park. With shows happening each week, this performing arts center provides everyone a chance to watch something truly unique. Grab tickets right at the door, or purchase them in advance online.

Jammin Java

Just minutes away from Lerner Arrowood Parc is Jammin Java, one of the best concert venues in Vienna. Surround yourself with great food, drinks and company while enjoying music from up and coming bands throughout the area.


Freeman Store and Museum

If you are a huge history buff, Freeman Store and Museum is the place for you on a rainy day. Walk through the museum to learn more about Virginia’s extraordinary past. With fascinating stories, pictures and historical artifacts everywhere you turn, this museum definitely has an interesting story to tell.

Shangri-La Day Spa

Rainy days are perfect for a little rest and relaxation. Stop by Shangri-La Day Spa for a day of pampering with a massage or facial and a drink by your side. Grab a friend or two to join you for a spa getaway on this rainy day.

Spend the Day Inside

Spend a rainy day inside your charming apartment in Lerner Arrowood Parc. With spacious floor plans and rooms designed to help you feel comfortable, your apartment is the ultimate relaxation spot. Enjoy some down time inside your apartment by reading a book, watching your favorite movie or baking your famous cookies in your apartment’s fully equipped, modern kitchen. You’ll have enough to do to keep you busy until the sun starts shining again.


Even when it rains, there is still plenty to do around Arrowood Parc in Vienna, VA. Enjoy it all and so much more by becoming a part of Lerner ArrowoodParc’s beautiful community. For more information on our luxury apartments call (703) 246-1868.

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