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For residents of Lerner ArrowoodParc, there’s much to love about the residence and the surrounding community. “A clean, beautiful and safe place to live,” raves one resident. Herwords touch on some of the features that makeArrowood a special place to call home. It also points to why Vienna is ranked among the country’s best places to live. It’s more than just a quaint Northern Virginian town and ArrowoodParc is more than just a quaint residence. Before living in this special place, though, you’ll need a special apartment packing checklist. We have you covered!

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For Your Kitchen

Your home at Lerner ArrowoodParc comes with a kitchen equipped with modern appliances. And this site may very well be the central site of your housewarming celebrations. Here’s a list of necessities for making this very important location the kitchen you require.

  • Corkscrew: Cheers! Securing a home in this highly-regarded community at one of thesehighly-rated homes certainly is cause for celebration. Bring this tool along for breaking open those champagne bottles and sparking those memorable moments with your guests.
  • Glassware: If you’re going to have wine, then you’regoing to need some glassware! Hunt down an elegant set of flute glasses so you and your guests can toast your newfound fortune.
  • Baking sheets: As great as your new home at Lerner Arrowood will be, you’ll ultimately settleinto its greatness at some point. Of course, this doesn’t mean the initial excitement will have gone away. One tasty outlet for expressing all that excitement and happiness: baking. Baking also provides a fun activity for you and your young ones. So don’t forget to hunt down somebaking sheets upon moving to your new home.
  • Spice Rack: For all the awesome meals you’ll prepare in your new kitchen, you’ll need a spice rack handy for adding some flavor to your edible creations. Also, if you are in fact living with the kids, they’ll be craving more than just cookies and cinnamon rolls!


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For Your Living Room

You’resure to spend a lot of time in your living room. And in addition, chances are that your living room will be your favored placefor receiving your guests. Given the large number of guests who’ll be longing to see your new dwelling for themselves, the importance of having a good checklist for this dynamic room can’t be ignored.

  • Comfort Pieces: If your living room is to be the main place for receiving guests, you’ll want to make them feel welcome. A light-colored, welcoming area rug that matches your home’s décor will do wonders for the space. For winding down when the guests are gone, hunt down some throw pillows and blankets for making this space a relaxing retreat.
  • Unique Art Pieces: Because of the traffic it gets, your living room will beideal for displaying artwork – whether they be your personal masterpieces, friends’ creative items, or renowned masterworks. Add personality to the space with functional antique pieces.
  • Picture Frames: Find some picture frames for celebrating your family and friends and your favorite moments of your life at Lerner ArrowoodParc. In addition to boosting your living room’s function as a reception area, they’ll instill a warm, distinctive atmosphere in your home.


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For Your Bathroom

Many find the bathroom to be their favorite room in their home. While this may or may not be the case for you, here are some essentials for this important room.

  • Tub Mat: Atub mat will help stop unwanted grunge and grime from growing in your bath tub. Investing in an anti-slip mat means you’ll be safe as you enjoy a warm shower in your clean tub.
  • Shower Caddy: Shave minutes off your morning routine by hunting down a shower caddy. Conveniently store your toiletries, and make your cozy bathroom one more stress-free zone in your new home.
  • Bath Towels and Wash Cloths: Look into some quality bath towels and wash cloths for drying off after a relaxing shower or warm bath.


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Of course, the above ideas just touch the surface!A gem of Fairfax County, Vienna is regularly recognized as one of the best communities to live in the country. Lerner ArrowoodParc residents have the benefit of calling this community home. The homes at Lerner ArrowoodParcare highly-rated, including amenities such as breakfast rooms, abundant closet spaces, and private patios. All of this and more make the residences an optimal place for you to live. Contact us today to learn more about why our residents highly recommend living at Lerner ArrowoodParc.

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